About Us

 SANGHMITRA LIGHTING  SOLUTION, JAIPUR is a registered firm that deals in LED Bulbs. We are not a bank or any community that collect any kind of fund or money, we are purely LED BULBs provider to customer via our agents and give commission based on selling of products.


Terms and Conditions of Company:

    • We are very strict at our NO MONEY REFUNDABLE POLICY, money will not be refund in any condition if once paid for product.


    • Members must have bank account for transaction purpose.


    • Company have 100% rights to block or delete membership of any customer/agent whose information found false or using any fake id/account/mobile no.

    • For the claim of any NOMINEE POLICY member should come at office with their sponsor, witness and essential documents.


  • Members and Sponsor should check their bank account regularly to stay update about the transactions.


We are not MLM company that collect fund or money from members.



You may found other companies in market like Sangh Mitra but as we have mentioned before we have some unique features, that help members to earn more money in less time. Most of marketing companies in the market are fake, so members have high risk of losing money.

Anyone who have high or low income can join our LED Marketing team and earn good money. Even they don’t have to quit their current job.

Join “SANGHMITRA” today and start making money without any extra affords.